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    The American Senior Benefits Association® is a 501(c) (3) charitable association that offers education and quality member benefits for today's 50 & better. Join for FREE.


    The American Senior Benefits Association® (ASBA®) is a not-for-profit organization focused on advocacy and education for men and women age 50 and above. ASBA® exists to give folks a free and fresh alternative to the other 50+ associations. Our programs are designed to give our members an individualized way to participate – meaning that our members have the freedom to use our benefits as they see fit, and not pay for benefits they do not use. We are a national association with over 700,000 members, and we are growing rapidly. With a solid history as a trusted resource for its members and partners, ASBA® offers first-class educational and consumer programs designed exclusively for its members.


    What Benefits Do ASBA? Members Receive?

    Plenty, especially considering membership is FREE. While other 50+ focused associations may require membership dues, ASBA® does not. As an ASBA® member, you'll receive exclusive access to valuable programs and offers, including:

    • Education and news that relate to YOUR life
    • Scholarship grants for your children and grandchildren
    • Discounts on health, lifestyle and financial services
    • Members-only emails and special promotions
    • Exclusive savings on worldwide vacations with ASBA® Travel

    And more importantly, as ASBA® grows, so will your membership benefits. We're constantly looking to bring you programs that will make your life easier. We urge you to read the information provided on this website so you can begin taking advantage of the wonderful programs waiting for you. It's very simple and completely your decision. Enjoy your membership!

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    "The organization was no cost and I wasn't being sold anything... From good, honest information to discounts on products and services, I felt right away that this was an organization that had something to offer."

    - Al Norton, ASBA? member since 2009

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